0 Tick, Tick, Boom

An explosion of Lyme disease leaves some Rhode Islanders sick for months—and their doctors with a challenge.

0 Special Guest

Marc K. Siegel, MD ’78, Fox News medical correspondent and associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, moderated…

0 Amber Waves

For Alan Muney ’75 MD’78, P’04, photography is all about capturing the art in ordinary life. This majestic image in…

0 The AFFIRM Mission

If the federal government won’t fund gun injury prevention research, a new coalition of physicians and scientists will.

0 Destined to Be

Residency placement has always been a big deal. But Associate Dean for Medical Education Allan R. Tunkel, MD, PhD, whose…

0 Code Talker

Computational biologist Sohini Ramachandran and her team are mining human genetic data to understand the impact of our ancestry on…

0 Air Apparent

Pediatric asthma researchers are scaling up successful local programs to create a national model.

0 Arthur B. Kern, MD

Arthur Kern, 96, of Pawtucket, died March 6, 2018. A graduate of Harvard College and Boston University School of Medicine,…

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